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'COME, LORD JESUS' (Revelation 22:20), is perhaps one of the simplest prayers that can be prayed and also one of the most dangerous prayers! As I taught on Sunday regarding the Fear of the Lord and His judgment, to pray this prayer requires a number of things, let me spell them our really quick...


  • People who pray, 'Come, Lord Jesus' have a deep sense of humility because they know they deserve God's judgment but have received only grace upon grace upon grace! 
  • People who pray, 'Come, Lord Jesus' share the same heart of love as the Father, and rather than using it as a call for vengeance, it moves them to a greater urgency to persuade the lost to come under God's grace!
  • People who pray, 'Come, Lord Jesus' are busy walking in the light of the good works God prepared in advance for us to do so that others may see our light and be drawn to the Father!

In other words, I can't pray, MARANATHA, COME, LORD JESUS if I am not willing to be humble, if I am not willing to share the gospel, and if I am not doing the good works God has prepared for me. So I guess we can say that prayer is not an isolated practice, but it has big implications on HOW we live our day-to-day lives and the attitude of our hearts must be aligned with God's heart! This week, consider the implications of your prayers.


-Pastor Joel



  • JOIN YOUR PASTORS as we step deeper into prayer in this Fall season. We sense a call from God to press deeper into more concerted prayer as a church. Here are a few spaces for prayer you could put on your calendar now!
    • Prayer Gathering | Friday 7-10pm Intercessor's Prayer gathering in the Community Center, continued on Saturday from 9a-12p. Drop in for 30 minutes, or stay the whole time. Prayer will revolve around praying for the harvest!
    • 24 hr. Prayer Event | Sunday, October 22nd 9am - Monday 9am, we invite the church to a 24 hr. prayer event. Starting with services and concluding the following day, this event will create space for worship, intercession, confession, and whatever else God wants to do! Stop by for a couple of hours or stay the whole time with the pastors!

Let us pray for you! Submit your prayer requests in our new App or at under the "Requests" button!





  1. Tammy Marler | Please pray for my daughter Misha. She is in the hospital with Sepsis and pulmonary edema.
  2. Michael C.| Prayer for stress and anxiety.
  3. Laila Freeman | I'd love prayer for my continued healing and for God to continue to guide me. I only want what the Lord wants for me. I'd like to continuously feel His presence and for Him to speak to me in new ways. God bless.
  4. Aleise & Josh | Salvation for my ex, Josh. It means the world to me.
  5. Robert Wiltse | Thank you for praying for Pastor Doug Sprigg's son, he is doing much better! Please continue to pray that the doctors can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a good treatment plan for him.
  6. Rodney Parrish | Prayer for our dear niece who has Stage 4 cancer throughout her body. She has 2 tubes, 1 in each kidney, and a third tube in her lungs for drainage. She's never smoked a day in her life or drank alcohol. Please 🙏 pray for our niece. The doctors have taken Cazrina off of chemotherapy because it's not helping her, and now she be placed in hospice care until she passes away. We're still not giving up with Lord God performing a miracle on our niece Czarina Flores. Please ask everyone to pray for Lord God to perform a miracle for our niece 🙏. We need a miracle badly from our Father In Heaven 😭.
  7. Lamont Bonman | I need prayer for sleep. I'm dealing with stress. I'm going back to work, and praying that my technology works and favor as the district is requesting that we pay for our own benefits, along with possible cuts. I'm asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and peace. Thank you.
  8. Angie Dunlap | URGENT! Please pray for my husband Jim. He was just hospitalized for what looks to be an abdominal mass and we are very concerned. We are home now, but he is not doing well. Our faith is strong and we trust you, Lord. Please pray for healing God's peace and protection.
  9. Eric Highsmith |1 - Please pray for Lois, who has an infection following after armpit lymph node excision. The wound is painful and requires irrigation and redressing sometimes twice each day. She was prescribed oxycontin for the pain.
    2 - Please pray for Lisa, who is pursuing a new job opportunity."
  10. Nicky Kelly | Praise - Hank got a chaplain job near his home in California, thanks for all your prayers! Tony and Carrie - Their truck was stolen earlier this year, they just purchase another truck, but a drunk driver took it out along with four other vehicles. Pray for God's direction in purchasing another truck, that their insurance does not go up and for continued financial assistance. Praise - Tony got his insurance claim check for his truck! Carrie - Upcoming surgery for fixing her breast reconstruction surgery - Pray for doctor's wisdom and for her to continue to be cancer free. Carol and Bobby - Continue prayers for wisdom and guidance in handling their disabled adult son, Frankie. Pray that he will let them get home care support, as they are no longer able physically to help him. Also for salvation for all of them. Jimmy and Louise - travelling mercies as she travels to Nevada every other weekend to help her brother-in-law, Gary, deal with her sister's death. Also for Chris, their son, who is now living with Gary to help him. Jennie - Health issues to be finally resolved by her doctors. Also, for her to find a women's Bible Study and have Christian fellowship.
    Tina - Taking care of disabled husband and special needs teenager, while working as head of household.
  11. Al Bacani | Niece and her family moved to Idaho and they are running into obstacles 
  12. Debra Kakallis | Our nephew became a new Dad this week. His daughter, Penelope was an emergency birth at 27 weeks. Please pray. So far she is strong but very small. Dad is a Fresno Firefighter/paramedic. Mommy is scared. 
    Jennie Dorsch | For my sister, Nicky Kelly. Has a doctor appointment on 10/3. Praying for a positive outcome. No cancer.
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