Have you ever laughed at the wrong time?
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Have you ever found yourself laughing in a situation where laughter wasn't appropriate? Yup, that's me, guilty as charged! And I am so glad I'm not the only one! Genesis 18:14 comes in the midst of God’s promise to bring Abraham and Sarah a son even in their very old age, to the point where Sarah thought it LAUGHABLE that God would give her a son in her old age!


Both of them thought it IMPOSSIBLE, but Genesis 18:14 says, is anything too hard for the Lord? It’s a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously no, nothing is too hard for God. Just like we see in Luke Chapter 1, nothing is impossible with God. God’s power is supreme. He can do what he wants! A few weeks back while praying and dreaming at our staff meeting about what kind of Christmas Offering we need to trust God for this year the younger staff suggested that we trust God for $350,000! When I heard it I  almost laughed. But I was also moved by their faith to ask God for such a big miracle offering! As we dreamt about what the Lord might use our church to do into 2024, this was a fitting figure that would help us end the year well and launch us into the new year! 


So we invite you to pray with us as we aim to raise $350k in our Christmas Offering, here's how you can help us pray...

  • Pray that God would awaken generosity in those who have withheld financially this year. 
  • Pray that God would bless his people with unusual sources of income, and financial blessings, so they can share with all the Lord's people! (Inheritances, settlements, gifts, dividends, raises, bonuses, and more!)
  • Pray that God would stir your heart and lead you to bring your generous Christmas Offering. 
  • Pray that God would stir 'legacy givers' to give, folks who were once at our church and investing in the kingdom work, but for some reason or another have moved away!
“Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Genesis 18:14.  No, all things are possible!
-Pastors Joel & Sean


  • Thanksgiving Prayer & Fasting | Our last fast of the year will be a time focused on gratitude! From Sunday, Nov. 19- Wednesday the 22nd, we will be sending out a list of daily gratitude ideas. The fasting portion is a 24 hr. fast on either Sunday or Wednesday, this will be up to you to choose the day you wish to fast. On Wednesday at 7pm we will end our prayer and fasting with a Worship Night during our midweek service. Please mark your calendars! 
  • Christmas Offering | Begin to pray with us about our end-of-the-year faith goal of $350,000! We are trusting God to provide generously this year to help us end the year well, and start 2024 strong! Would be begin also to pray about your Christmas offering? Visit our website for more vision

Let us pray for you! Submit your prayer requests in our new App or at llcf.org/prayer under the "Requests" button!





  1. Margie Mendez (submitted by Robin) | Margie has been a member for MANY years (the bus days), has Parkinson’s and attends Wednesday Life Group when she can. She has a surgery scheduled for her Parkinson’s on December 14. She’s asking for faith and trust in God, health and healing, peace and protection. She’s a faithful servant who shines God's light wherever she goes!
  2. Brianna McGee | I have been dealing with blurry vision and severe headaches that have been constant and affecting my every day life. I’ve been to the ER 2x and discharged with no answers. Nothing helps the pain. I just want to pray for wisdom over the doctors, that God guides them. I pray healing for myself, that we find the answer and let it be something minor and treatable.
  3. David Thicksten | I've been contemplating checking out circuit riders and want to develop a source of faith-based community. Kind of anxious because I don't know what to expect but excited.
  4. Denise Ortiz Lopez | Success in my new adventure.
  5. Darlene Nicholson | Please pray for my daughter's classmate's family, The Sorianos, as their son Ethan died last week as a result of a Head Injury sustained in weight room at school. Thank you.
  6. Jamie Harrison | The burden of letting go :)
  7. Cindie Espinoza | Please pray for safe travels for my daughter and grandson. They're flying to Guadalajara this Wednesday for a wedding.
  8. Michele Watson | Hello Prayer Team. I'm asking for a special prayer for Gladys Lyles and the care for her mom and family decisions that must be made.
  9. Bridget Hughes | Pray that everything and everyone has peace today.
  10. Michelle Valdivia | Hi! I have an interview this Tuesday for a wonderful job. Please pray I have a good interview & my chances of getting the job are very good. Thank you!
  11. Stephanie Ramirez | Please pray for my fertility journey, that God would give us a baby.
  12. Joji Silo | Please Pray for coming December 21-22, 2023 JOB youth campers reunion and that many campers will attend; pray for help with fund!
  13. Ronald Delaney | Traveling via car to Colorado tomorrow.
  14. Claudia Barnes | 54 people with serious anger problems, salvation for 2 cousins, 12 people with lying tongues, 284 married couples.
  15. Rick Peterson | My prayer is for my 33-year-old son Andrew who has been on the streets for over 6 years. That he can get housing with the help of his social worker and that he is not get kicked out of his abandoned building until he does get housing. And that he truly surrenders to Christ Jesus for all his needs
  16. Steven Watson | I ask for prayer that GOD uses me however he chooses to use me.
  17. Nicky Kelly | Nicky - Outpatient surgery on Monday, 11/13/23 at 7:30 a.m. Pray for good results and no complications, as well as God's peace throughout the surgery.
    Carrie - Breast reconstruction repair surgery on December 1, 2023, Pray for no complications and complete recovery.
    Raquel - Battling brain cancer, has gone through recent radiation and IV chemo, pray for no cancer.
    John - To start attending church and reading his Bible again - To remember God's Truth.
    Steve - Stay close to Jesus and will get his prostate cancer follow up soon, with good results.
  18. Derrell Thomas | In April, I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. Good news is it hasn't spread. Finished with radiation, with ongoing hormone therapy.
    Three weeks ago, we found out our daughter (39) has ovarian cancer. Naomi and her partner Jeff are not with the Lord presently.
  19. Cindie Espinoza | My friend Kay fell and broke her left hip this afternoon. Please pray that the doctor will be able to do the surgery tomorrow and everything will go well.
  20. Michael C | Stress and emotional, anxiety fear on my new job position to fail.
  21. Nicholas Alvarez | Prayer for wisdom, knowledge, for help for all my work that I have :( and prayer for courage because I feel discouraged.
  22. Bud Antisdel | Prayers for people in Ukraine and Middle East.
  23. Angelica Sanchez | I need help breaking my deep-rooted anger that comes out from time to time; it's wicked and I need breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.
  24. Katherine Brown | My granddaughters skin rash and a friend's treatment for breast cancer.
  25. Rona Hodges | Job stress
  1. Brianna McGee | The Lord has placed me to work in a hospital where I am known and friends of doctors. They are supportive and caring of me. God has placed me in a place where I know my concerns will not be ignored and where I have the resources to get the help I need. God has placed me to be friends with these doctors and nurses that will do all they can to help me. I’m grateful that I am able to connect with these doctor’s and bring up my issues. I’m grateful for the negative CT and MRI that show no tumors or brain issues. I’m grateful that the Lord has also called me to this church. I’m grateful to have this beautiful church and community willing to pray for me even though I’m not known by many.
  2. Derrell Thomas | Aggressive prostate cancer hasn't spread. Finished with radiation, with ongoing hormone therapy.
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